It's an undisputed fact. Women know women best.

That's why, when selecting an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (Ob/Gyn), many women turn to a woman doctor.

They know she will have an intimate understanding of their needs and will respond with gender-specific sensitivity and empathy.

Introducing: Regina L. Edmond, M.D.

  • From the minute you walk in the door of Dr. Edmond's office, you will appreciate the beautiful facilities and the Zen-like environment.

  • You will notice that the staff understands your busy schedule by their prompt attention and your minimal wait time before seeing the doctor.

  • And when you meet Dr. Edmond, you will relate to her warmth and genuine concern for you and your Ob/Gyn issues.

  • After your appointment, you will know you have chosen the right Ob/Gyn doctor because Dr. Edmond will have demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of female health matters, including gynecology, 5754271332, 574-453-0443, and women's health.

  • And most of all, upon return visits, you will feel welcome and accepted as the staff greets you by name and has your information readily available.

Dr. Regina Edmond's office is located in West Hollywood.

(917) 414-0777
(662) 324-0054

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